For aeons uncounted, the Tier protected the world of Ahlysim.  And then, they did not.  Three thousand cycles have enshrouded their deeds in the fog of myth, for there was no explaining the gap where once stood their nation.

Until now.

Alessandra awakens to find a world bereft of the gentle guidance her people once provided, her near immortal sister now her only anchor to this world.

Tasked by their goddess, only Alessandra and Liassa can rebuild their people.  Setting forth into a world that is no longer familiar, they discover that an infection unlike any other has spread throughout all of creation.  Only the magic of their Tieran Vision allows them to perceive the hand of the Infection lain upon the folk of Ahlysim.

Delving into the nation of Vilhena to retrieve a lost friend, they will soon discover just how deep that infection goes.  With only the magic of the Vision, their skill, and one tiny bit of luck, they must take the first step on the path to restoring their world as they knew it.

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A harrowing return to their world has left the Tier floundering.  Chased from Vilhena by the nebulous shadow of the creature that destroyed their people, Ales and Liassa must find safety for the young Tier now in their charge.  Without anyone to turn to, Ales and Liassa are forced to flee to the only place Liassa can imagine they will find some measure of refuge.

Into the vast sea of trees known as the Black Wilds, the Tier will find that no place is truly free of the infection that has spread across their world.  In this place, they will find a piece of their past in the hands of those who are unaware of its danger.

To set things right, the Tier and their young charges will spread themselves to the corners of the Black Wilds, where they may discover answers to a single burning question:  Who among the Ryhim has discovered the power of the Probability Matrix?

Seeking the answer will reveal to them an infestation that could raze all of the Black Wilds and destroy the very people that the Tier were meant to protect, but curing it could lead them to a reward greater than they could hope for.

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