I suppose I have to start this mess somewhere, so here it goes. I’ve been writing novels since 2004, and the run I made a self publishing before never worked, because I never had the skill for that marketing part of this business. So, I have hired myself some excellent advertising folk at Softwood Books and I’m making a real run at the self publishing business.

And to that end, I plan to have more than one new book coming out in 2024. On the roadmap right now is a novel titled “First Word” in a new series called “The Dying Light Archive”, and my plan right now is to have that out by the end of March. Then the first book in another new series I only have a tentative title for, but that’s my secret for now. A third book for this year isn’t out of the question but I’ll have to wait until a little later in the year to see where things are for that! I have a standalone novel titled “Recall” that might be the thing, but I might also finish up the third novel in “Echoes of the End”

That is all!

~ CM