The last few weeks have been a little TOO busy for me. I have released my latest novel, and followed it up with hardbacks, and very soon now I’ll be announcing some chages to my pricing schema to make my books a little more affordable. I’ve also released second editions of many of my novels which needed some adjustments in the prose to improve their readability.

My next novel, tentatively titled “Waterbearer” is already finished, and is in the beta reader phase right now, and my third novel for this year a standalone I am calling “Turn Coat” which is about a quarter finished, and I will have it done in more than enough time for it to go through my entire process.

I feel like I have things pretty much down to a science at this point, and that’s a nice feeling after having run at the task like a madman for the last six months. More follow!

That is all!

~ CM