Price Drop

So, after some thought and a little bit of number crunching I am dropping prices on all ebooks, and paperback copies on Amazon. Amazon’s KDP service gives me a lot better royalty percentage allowing me to offer lower prices through them. If you are looking for the best price on my books I definitely suggest […]

Harcovers, and Paperbacks, and eBooks, Oh my

The last few weeks have been a little TOO busy for me. I have released my latest novel, and followed it up with hardbacks, and very soon now I’ll be announcing some chages to my pricing schema to make my books a little more affordable. I’ve also released second editions of many of my novels […]

Amazonian Hissy Fit

Not sure what is up with Amazon at this point. Apparently they hate pre-orders being available from other distributors, so they will not put up First Word for physical copy pre-orders. If you would like top pre-order a paperback of First Word, then please use the Barnes and Noble link to order a copy of […]


After a few more days of furious tweaking and touch ups my novels have now been re-released onto Amazon, and there will be new places to purchase them to follow as soon as they finish processing through the new distribution service I am placing them into IngramSpark! This should provide a wide distribution to many […]

Leveling Out

All right! So, after a couple of days of furious work things are starting to level out on the availability front. I have uploaded the second editions to Amazon, and I am working on getting them up to some other services. Links have been updated on the website, and should be passed along to the […]


Soooo, I may have made a small miscalculation with regard to re-releasing my novels. Because of this there will be a little upheaval in the availability of my current novels for the next few days. I suspect I will have all the e-books back online and linked tomorrow, but the print copies since I am […]